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Born and raised in Connecticut Nathan Fitzgerald is excited to bring his creativity and passion to Underboss Films as a producer. Graduating with a bachelors degree from Southern Connecticut State University Nathan recently moved to Los Angeles to further his craft in the film industry.Nathan hopes along with director Nick Pagonakis that they can bring a fresh outlook for film to Hollywood and beyond.  Some of his favorite films are Training Day, Saving Private Ryan, and The Departed.


Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, Nick Pagonakis holds a bachloers degree in directing from Columbia College Chicago. As the founder of Underboss Films, Nick is constantly writing and developing his craft as a writer/director. Nick has proven his abilities as story teller, directing several short films and videography projects to date. He has a unique perspective of Hollywood, working at major companies that include Lionsgate, HBO, and CBS. Currently developing his first feature, Nick aspires to direct studio feature films and television. A collaborator first and foremost, he loves working as a team, and meeting creative people. His ultimate inspiration is none other than Goodfellas by Martin Scorsese. He is 100% Greek and proud!

In 2014 a partnership between Nick Pagonakis and Nathan Fitzgerald was formed. The idea behind the company was to take their overwhelming passion for cinema and channel it into visual yet thematic pieces that always strive to give the audience more than just entertainment. With their combined nine years of experience in the entertainment industry, they have worked at top tier companies such as NBC, Warner Brothers, HBO, Lionsgate, and CBS in a variety of different roles, giving Underboss Films a unique perspective of the industry. Our company is in the business of creating scripted short film and feature film content, as well as offering creative videography services to our clients. Regardless of the production, whether it be a film or a concert video, we always find the artistic angles in our project and make sure every detail is planned out. Aggressive creativity is our goal at Underboss Films. Our passion for visual storytelling is unmatched and we look forward to telling stories that audiences can’t refuse.